If you are a business owner or non profit then I am interested in working with you.

After a period of consultation,  I will sketch out some design considerations which may include inspirational messages, products, designs, drawings...... ready for print.

This imagery can translate to lesson plans, learning and educational content that allows your employees and/or your customers to learn more about you, your philosophy, and what really drives your business and/or community.

The artworks created can also translate to a currency for your brand. And this currency can be traded through jpg files on the blockchain,  like an investment  ..... if you can imagine a mix of philosophy and art as a currency.

Through blended learning (on and offline) microlearning (mobile) social and collaborative learning (discussion groups)  your people, suppliers, and clients learn to become more creative together, and with each iteration new ways to see and act emerge.

If this sounds interesting, let`s talk.

Contact me for a confidential chat or send me an email here.

Thank you.

Robert Morris