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$ Fucked the Planet Not ETH

  • $ Fucked the Planet Not ETH

This is my response to the argument that NFT`s and ETH use too much energy to creat minted art. Well, yes they do, but the crypto community is well aware of this and they`re doing something about it. But more importantly, let`s digest what central banking and $ hegemony has done in the meantime shall we. The petrodollar is reliant on the oil trade, war, the arms trade and financial enclaves like London City which is estimated to control 40% of all financial transactions on the planet. The $ is responsible for globalisation, climate destruction and consumer capitalism - not ETH. So, while it`s important to reduce consumption, lets think for a minute about the devastation which has been done by the dollar, and let`s address that first.

1 glicee print only, signed, on A3, 300gsm, fine art paper.

The jpg is also available as an NFT here