Frequently Asked Questions

Robert Morris

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Poster print?

A poster print is a 120gsm minimum, most often greater, digital print, made to order and shipped direct through Printify. These prints are not signed by the artist.

What sizes do you offer?

Each print has the availability in the drop down menu. However, if you`d like a different size please contact me.

What is a Limited Edition Print? 

This is a print that is signed and numbered by the artist, after a proof has been made. Printed on fine art paper, usually between 200gsm and 350gsm, and hand shipped by the artist.

How long does the shipping take? In a Covid world it is typically 3 to 4 weeks worldwide, except in New Zealand. In stock, Ltd Edition Prints can be purchased and shipped inside 7 days. 

What happens if the item is damaged in-transit?

I do my best to ensure this will never happen by packaging the products safely, however you may return the item by post for a full refund within 14 days.

Do you offer refunds?

Only on damaged items or when the item is returned within 14 days.

Can I get you to do a commission from a photo?

Yes, contact if interested.

Not sure what to do?

Just contact me, via the contact page on my website and I will reply asap. Thanks. I really appreciate your support.