I am an A/r/tographer.

A/r/tography as a term is developed purposefully to include the ‘/’.  The ‘/’ is used to present an equality and coexistence between the three identities that create the term – artist / researcher / teacher.  Along side this the notion of ‘graphy’ makes associations with text and thus, presents a connection between the art and text, aligning the arts alongside the narrative as a joint initiative.  “A/r/tography is a coming together of art and graphy, or image and word.”

a/r/tography as a methodology of situations.

Seeking city, rural, education, art, and pedagogy projects.

After living and working in different countries such as Canada, the US, Australia, Brazil, and China. I have recently returned to New Zealand, working as a freelance creative. And, as a lifelong learner, I am currently studying creative writing and propaganda, ideology in everyday life, fiction writing and branding.

For inspiration I study the arts from a global perspective, including new digital art, crypto art, NFT`s, poster art and design, drawing and graphics. My influences are Ai WeiWei, Ed Ruscha, Paulo Freire, Ralph Hotere,  plus many more.

My methodology is based on praxis, or the process of learning through art, storytelling, the community, and collaboration with other artists, writers, musicians to reflect our society.

“Rhizomes grow and propagate in a nomadic fashion, the only restrictions to growth being those that exist in the surrounding habitat. Seen as a model for the construction of knowledge, rhizomatic processes hint at the interconnectedness of ideas as well as boundless exploration across many fronts from many different starting points” (Sharples et al., 2012, p.33). Within a learning structure, rhizomatic learning means that [nomads] are able to connect and traverse from any point to any other point according to perceived learning need (Lian, 2004). Therefore, whatever paths learners follow or whatever destinations they reach in their rhizomatic quest are actually determined by identifying by themselves or by negotiating with other rhizomes

As Cormier says, “[t]he idea is to think of a classroom/community/network as an ecosystem in which each individual is spreading their own understanding with the pieces...available in an ecosystem” 

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My go to software is Procreate (soon to be 3D) and the Affinity software suite which are the both inexpensive and powerful. I also have experience with Facebook/Instagram shopping, Twitter, Linkedin marketing and EDM`s. 

If you need a freelancer to work with on your project I`m interested in community projects that change perspectives. I am particularly interested in projects that combine all of my skills, in art, teaching, writing, cooking, and researching  with like minded teachers/schools/ and/or creatives.

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Thank you.