About Me (CV)


I am a digital artist, teacher and proponent of creative pedagogy.

Creative pedagogy is the integration of nature, community, travel, connection and collaboration as a way of working and living creatively. It`s has the ability to transform any culture or business in lots of ways. It`s a perspective, outside the norm.

After living and working in different countries such as Canada, the US, Australia, Brazil, and China. I have recently returned to New Zealand, working as a freelance creative. And, as a lifelong learner, I am currently studying creative writing and propaganda, posters, and history.

For inspiration I study the arts from a global perspective, including new digital art, crypto art, performance art, poster art and design, drawing and graphics. My influences are Ai WeiWei, Ed Ruscha, Egon Schiele and Hopper - plus many more.

About 5 years ago I bought some crypto and I am really encouraged by the recent events in the NFT art community. A jpg file is a form of currency in the blockchain which means, any jpg file you can imagine can be displayed, and sold as a currency - kinda crazy imo and I look forward to expanding on the idea of an NFT art gallery in the future. Interested?

Past experiences include 10 years as an English teacher, 7 years in sales and marketing, 5 years as an owner operator and 3 years as a chef. I qualified as a chef at CPIT but found work overseas as an English teacher instead, and loved it. So, I simply studied cooking by copying dishes, and street food - and imagining recipes.

My go to software is Procreate (soon to be 3D) and the Affinity software suite which are the both inexpensive and powerful. I also have experience with Facebook/Instagram shopping, Twitter, Linkedin marketing and EDM`s. 

If you need a freelancer to work with on your project I`m interested in projects that change perspectives. No jobs are too big or too small for me and I know you will benefit from my unique range of skills and interests. I am particularly interested in projects that combine all of my skills, in art, teaching, writing, cooking, branding with like minded teacher or creatives.

Want to know more, send me a note through my contact page or message me via Facebook messenger.

Thank you.