Robert Morris


Hi there,

That aha moment for me if you like, was standing in a room punctuated by 6 large Frank Stella paintings, and thinking, really, people do this?

Soon after I visited the Barnes Collection and I remember being in awe, while standing  in front of works by Monet, Modigliani and Toulouse Lautrec. 

So, after careers in sales and management, I revisited Brazil as an ESL teacher and in Rio de Janeiro I began sketching buildings, people, trees, and portraits in pen and ink on paper. After a while, I invited students to join me.  It was fun, sharing sketches of fruit and vege, meat, cans, brands, words and everything in between. The best classroom in the world. 

In Rio de Janeiro I joined the local atelier. It was small group of up and coming artists, with a wide range of skills and ages, in a run down gothic building with a wonderful ornate staircase, leading to a hall overlooking an internal garden, near downtown. 

I studied there for about a year. I was also studying pedagogy at about the same time. And tried different teaching  methods trying to figure out what was best.  

After 10 years in Brazil I moved to China, where I was able to compare the hierarchical structures of teaching with my freelance work and study in Brazil. You may wonder how I lasted three years teaching like a robot. Well, it wasn’t difficult; put simply, I broke the rules. The kids loved it. And I got hugs and recommendations galore.

I still break the rules if possible. By combining ink sketches, with digital apps like Procreate I can open up the world of print, books, and posters.  And also, turn a sketch into a painting. 

The pedagogy I use for my art and teaching is rhizomatic/creative pedagogy which is a nomadic learning style. 

Being fixed, unable to move, I find threatening and restricting so I like to be continuously moving and sketching in pleinair. By sketching outside, in peoples homes, in supermarkets I can meet people, connect and continue learning. So, the best studio for me is a caravan, a scooter, a plane or a train. 

I am available for commission work. Just contact me. Thank you.